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Top 10 Tips for filming a Destination Wedding


Top 10 tips for fiming a destination wedding

1) Book flights early…

Flight prices go up so book early to save you or the bride and groom money.

Top 10 Tips for filming a Destination Wedding

2) Research the area you are filming in (if you haven’t been there already)…

Are you staying near the wedding venue? How will you get there? What will the temperature be like? What will I need to wear? Do they speak English etc?

Top 10 tips for filming a destination wedding

3)Find out from the airline how much baggage you can take and what kind of baggage you are allowed to travel with…

I have learned from filming many weddings overseas to only take certain baggage with me, as in the past a certain airline nearly made me put my cameras in the hold. Luckily enough I managed to persuade them not to as my cameras would have been smashed. “Our guys will look after them” she said. I have seen the way luggage is thrown out of planes and that is not the case. For filming abroad I take 2 bags. 1 with cameras and lenses/mics/batteries etc, which come with me on the plane, and 1 big bag with tripod/slider/glidecam, carefully wrapped in clothes and bubble wrap which go in the hold. Just beware that at the check in desk they will ask you to put your tripod bag in oversize baggage, this is normal.

4) Stock up before you go…

Top 10 tips for filming a wedding abroad

If you use a certain battery or rely on certain equipment and it isn’t bulky then stock up on this before you go. I always stock up on Duracell batteries for my microphones as sometimes abroad you can only find those cheap batteries and they don’t always last. If you are filming all day you need batteries you can rely on.

5) Hire a car…

Top 10 tips for filming a wedding abroad

As you will have a lot of equipment to carry you don’t want to be lugging your equipment around in buses etc. Also, the wedding venue might be far away so make it as easy as possible to get there. At our last wedding in Majorca we had to film bride and groom preparations in different parts, then travel 1 hour into the mountains to the wedding venue. If we calculated the taxi costs it would have been over 200 euros, not to mention getting to the airport and back. Plus, if you do get some free time after or before the wedding it is nice to explore the area if you haven’t been before, how knows, it could be a new holiday destination for you. Also, make sure the car has a sat nav or you have paid for 3G abroad as it will save you time reading maps etc.

6) Carry out a recce…

Try and visit the wedding venue a day before the wedding so you can find out how long it takes to get there, think of some creative filming shots, to make the most of your destination wedding film.

7) Try and do some filming at the wedding venue the day before…

Top 10 tips for filming a destination wedding

This will save time on the wedding day and will mean you can relax a little as you have those great cinematic intro shots in the bag. Obviously you are limited with this as certain parts of the wedding won’t be ready yet.

8) Think of your stomach and your body…

Top 10 tips for filming a destination wedding

It might sound silly but filming abroad can be a lot more tiring than filming in the UK. A different climate brings different obstacles into play. That can be hunger and thirst. It is worth visiting a local supermarket to stock up on food and drink as you don’t know when you will stop to eat and drink on the day. You may be provided food but by that point you might have been filming for up to 8 hours. Keep hydrated and snack when you can, preferably when the bride isn’t walking down the aisle.

9) Make wedding contacts…

If you enjoy filming abroad and filming at the wedding destination then make contacts with the local wedding suppliers working on the wedding. Exchange business cards and send them the wedding trailer once complete. The internet is a great thing and will allow more people to video your destination wedding highlights and possibly book you for future filming work.

10) And finally, enjoy yourself…

You are filming a wedding abroad, there is so much to see and do, make the most of your trip.

Thank you for reading this blog, here is a trailer for a wedding we filmed in Mallorca back in June: –

For wedding destination enquiries please email info@mulhernmedia.com or call us on 0113 366 0216. Prices are £1,500 + Travel and accommodation. This includes 2 videographers.

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